XLBuddy is an adaptive, hyper-dynamic template driven report writer. You define your report template. You point it at your database. You sit back and watch the report appear before your eyes.

Using the XLBud formula you create your template. The template can consist of one or more worksheets. All of Excel’s formatting options are available to you.

Template Example - before and after

XLBuddy is unlike other Excel reporting template engines that you run from within Excel. XLBuddy runs from the outside.


It allows XLBuddy to adapt the output of the report as it is being generated.

XLBuddy can generate Financial Reports, Sales Reports, Dash Board reports and combinations thereof.

XLBuddy will work with any database via ODBC. In fact XLBuddy can pull data from multiple databases into the same report. 

There are few reports (if any) that XLBuddy cannot generate.

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Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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