Financial Runner

FR Generator was designed to allow you to print departmental or divisional financial reports easily and combine the results into a single Excel workbook.

Companies that have multiple departments or divisions sometimes need to print detailed financial reports and would like to include a summary financial report for non-continguous ranges of departments or divisions.

By way of example. Let's say you run multiple pizza franchises. You have broken down your chart of accounts to include a segment called 'Store'. You will be able to easily generate a financial report for each store individually or generate multiple financial reports for a range of stores. You have six pizza parlours numbered 0035, 0138, 0209, 0210, 0345 and 0387. You have three managers. Manager 1 runs parlours 0035, 0209 and 0210. Manager 2 runs parlours 0138 and 0387. Manager 3 runs parlour 035.

If you want to give Manager 1 a financial report for each store you can run each of those individually, merge them together in a single workbook and deliver it to them. If, however, you want to give Manager 1 a summary financial report that shows the total of their three locations you have to to this another way. If the three financial reports for the store are physically the same then you can use Excel's sum formula along with some copy/paste mastery to create the summary sheet. However, if all three parlours don't have the same account activity that month then you'll need to be a whiz at the VLOOKUP formula.
FR Generator can create the summary sheet for you - with no extra coding, copy/paste or need to create another financial report. It will use the same financial report but will generate the financial report for the three locations. This, alone, is a huge time savings.

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