File Exporter

File Exporter is designed to let you automate exports from any SQL database for use in other applications or processes. You can export to common data formats including: CSV, dBase, Access, Excel and Text.


  • Use common SQL to extract the data.
  • Each Query can export data to a separate folder.
  • Export filenames can include timestamps and command line parameters.
  • The export operation can be executed via command line so you can operate the process using the Windows Scheduler for unattended exporting.
  • It offers the ability to run an additional query after each record is exported from the database. Use this to flag exported records so they aren’t exported again.
  • Use flexible date tokens to make your exports generic. Examples of tokes are: %DATE%, %YESTERDAY%, %TENDAYSAGO%, %BOM% (beginning of month), %EOM% (end of month).

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